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When it comes to figuring out what foods are best for your healthy lifestyle, there’s often a lot of facts (and myths) to overcome. And, finding the right pasta that won’t put you in carb overload can be a challenge too!

That’s why Shirataki pasta has quickly become a go-to pasta alternative that keto-enthusiasts swear by.

What is Shirataki Pasta?

Made from the highest grade of konjac root vegetable, each beet-shaped root is carefully washed, peeled, sliced, dried, and grounded into a fine powder. The powder is then mixed with only all-natural ingredients such as water, citric acid, and oat fiber. The pasta is then put through extrusion to be made into various pasta shapes and sizes.

But, with so many things posted online about this 100% organic pasta, it’s time to set the record straight.

Myth #1 – These noodles smell too bad to eat. Shirataki pasta is often packaged with water. When this water absorbs the odor of the konjac root, it has a distinctive “fishy” smell. But, not all Shirataki pastas are made equal. LIVIVA Shirataki Pasta has no odor and is packaged with only all-natural ingredients.  

Myth #2 – “Low calorie” pastas don’t exist. This is actually false. Shirataki noodles have zero carbs and only 15 calories per serving. Not only can they be used in traditional pasta dishes, they are very flavorful, like wheat pastas, without the carb or calorie load.

Myth #3 – You can’t lose weight eating pasta. Believe it or not you can! Not only is Shirataki pasta a low-calorie food, it helps you regulate your blood sugar levels and keeps it from spiking, causing those unshakable food cravings. When you’re able to control sugar spikes, you’re able to feel fuller, for longer, which will prevent you from overeating. Plus, with no calories and no sugars in each serving, you will easily be able to stay within your calorie limits.

Myth #4 – Pasta alternative don’t taste the same. Shirataki pasta has an al dente texture and makes the perfect substitute for high carbs, high fat, high calorie pastas. When you combine Shirataki noodles with traditional sauces and garnishings, they taste very similar to what you’re used to – without the added preservatives, additives, and calories. Check out these amazing dishes you can make with Shirataki noodles.

The great thing about Shirataki pastas is that you can get the same great taste in every bite and still live a healthy lifestyle. So whether you’re a keto enthusiast, diabetic, or just looking to watch your weight, Shirataki pastas are a definite must-try food!


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